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Daeyang ENG Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the'Company') attaches great importance to the personal information of customers and complies with the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.
The company will guide you through the privacy policy and the use of the personal information you provide, as well as the steps taken to protect the information.

This privacy policy will go into effect on January 01, 2018.

Personal information collection
The company collects the following personal information for customer inquiries, etc.

1. Information collected
Name, company name, address, phone number, email address data

2. How to collect personal information
Website (quote inquiry)

The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

3. Other
Processing customer inquiries, requesting service

Period of retention and use of personal information
In principle, if the purpose of information collection and use is achieved, personal information will be destroyed without delay. However, the following information is retained for a certain period of time for the reasons stated below.

1. Preservation items
Name, company name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address, log, IP information data

2. Grounds for preservation
A/S and DB information to maintain details of customer inquiry processing

3. Retention period
3 years

Procedure and method of destruction of personal information
In principle, the company destroys personal information without delay after achieving the purpose of collecting and using the information. The procedures and methods for destroying personal information are as follows.

1. Procedure
Once the purpose is achieved, the information you enter is transferred to a separate DB (a separate document if the information is in paper form) and data is deleted after the retention period for reasons of privacy.

The company does not provide the user's personal information to outsiders.

Provision of personal information
In principle, the company does not provide the user's personal information to outsiders.

Consignment of collected personal information
The company does not entrust.
In the future, if there is a need for referral, we will notify you of the consignee and the information entrusted to you and obtain consent in advance.

Installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices
The company does not operate a device that collects personal information that is automatically generated when using Internet services such as cookies.

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